Painting makes me see the world in light, shadow and color.  Or, perhaps, seeing the world that way inevitably led to painting what I saw.  The sparkling early morning light on the ripples in the bay, or the golden late day sun shining only on the rocks at the point can be the kernel of inspiration for my next painting.  For many years I loved watercolor, especially because it was a passion I shared with my mother. But I yearned for the rich colors of oils. Now that I work in oils, I may never go back!

Painting is my passion and my escape.  Working  as a psychologist, specializing in trauma survivors, painting is my counterpoint.  It helps me find beauty and positive energy in the midst of so much pain and suffering. It has been my balance for more than 20 years. And before that it was part of my work as I encouraged children to paint with me while they talked, or to draw their families and feelings.

Every chance I get,  in all seasons, I watch the early morning birds and the sunrise.  Both have found their way into my paintings, and always soothe my psyche..  If only I could get those birds to pose! Quick sketches at the bird feeder can become finished paintings in my studio, with the help of dozens of photos and then more coffee stained sketches.

Large painting start with smaller oil versions, underpaintings and more revisions.  “Path to the beach,” 30” x 40” oil on canvas, began in my imagination years ago, as it’s a path I’ve walked since 1974. I know the scene by memory stored in all my senses.  There is no better feeling on earth than the mingling scents of the beach roses and surf, the first time my toes touch the warm sand in late spring.

I am delighted to be represented by Spring Bull Gallery, 55 Bellevue Ave., Newport, RI