Visiting Artist

I’ve had a great reception at Spring Bull Gallery, with 4 paintings off to their new homes in the first week. Hope you can stop by during August or September, 2021.

Safe-ish in L.A.

Then I painted one of his sister, so far away in L.A. (Safe-ish in L.A., 9”x12”). She always poses for a picture, but I knew there was fear behind her lovely eyes.

Art in the time of Covid

Oil on canvas, 9”x12”

During the pandemic I didn’t clean out my closets like my friends, although I wish the closet fairy would come and take care of that. Like everyone, I had lots of time alone, so I painted, and painted, and painted. Some results were good, some – not so much! Early in the pandemic, we were… Continue reading Art in the time of Covid

Clouds Over Westquage Pond

Brought this painting to my sister’s house to suggest colors for her commissioned painting.  She immediately claimed it.  I love having my work displayed in her house! 10”x20” oil on canvas 


I sold this painting at the Holiday Little Picture Show at the Spring Bull Gallery, Newport, R.I. last week.  Those 🔴 red dots feel good! Clementines in a Japanese Bowl, 6”x6” oil on canvas

Path to Dave’s

  This 12” x 12” oil on canvas was included in the juried show “Art of the Ocean State” at the Wickford Art Association Gallery, June-July 2018.

Categorized as Landscapes


  In “Misty Morning” I tried to capture that special light where there’s only a hint of a  horizon  as the sky and water seem to mingle.

Dog days of summer……

Time for cooling off at the water’s edge.  Bailey can’t resist a swim. Bailey on the beach.  12” x 12” oil on canvas